Live Room.


Capacity: 200

Stage measurements: approximately 14 feet x 16 feet, at an arc.

Backstage: Our world famous Dragon Room with room for equipment and seats for you and your entourage. Locking storage room available by request.

Sound system: Full PA with 32 Inputs, 4 moniter mixes (full band EQs on all sends and FOH), ample selection of mics, stands and DI’s, 6 compressor, 4 gates, delay and reverb.

Engineers: We have the best, and friendliest sound-people in town! If you choose to bring your own sound-engineer, they will be supervised by one of ours.

DJ set-up: 2 turntables, mixer, dual CD player.

AV set-up: Drop-screen in front of stage, video projector, VHS and DVD player.

Come see us for a good time!