About Betty’s

Betty’s Room is the front bar area at the Sunset Tavern. A local-watering-hole favorite, Betty’s is great for grabbing a drink before a performance in the show room or just hanging out with comrades the whole night. There is never a cover to come in, and you can document your good times with the only Photo Booth in Ballard.

Don & Betty – Everybody’s Favorite Couple


Welcome to their basement lounge. They’ve been entertaining here since Don came home from the war in ‘45. Don and Betty liked to tip a few back.  You are now part of the tradition – Have a drink!

Don served as an Aviation Machinist 1st Class in charge of repairing F6 Hellcats.  Don was always proud of his time in the Navy and even more so of his days in port at Pearl Harbor.  Those were some of the best days of his life. Imagine being 18, barely out of high school and you find yourself in Hawaii dressed in Navy bell bottom whites in less than 2 months. That was the Navy in 1940. Check out the pictures on the wall.  They were kids. Don was the tallest skinniest funniest one of them all. Betty would add best looking as well.  Don was a friend to any sailor and hula girl alike.

Betty served right across Puget Sound at the Bremerton Shipyards. She was an electrician skilled at wiring the pilothouses of sub chasers. On weekends, she loved to take the ferry boat over to Seattle with her girlfriends so they could see big bands and dance with GI’s at The Showbox Theater. They’d hit The NiteLite before and after. Like Don, Betty had many friends.  She was a stranger only to friends she hadn’t met.

Don and Betty were married 65 years.  They lived in the same house for all of them. Don worked on the line at The Boeing Renton Plant for 35 of them.  Just like in the Navy, Don was working on airplanes. Betty was with the Renton School District. She was the Secretary to the Principle of Nelsen Middle School from 1950 to 1979.  And they partied.

Don built a room just like this in their basement so Betty could have her friends over for a mixer whenever she wanted. It was Betty’s room. She would dance, tell jokes, mix drinks, spin records, play cards or games and have fun. Everybody loved being at Betty’s for a party. She made everyone feel welcome.

That’s our mission to this day. To make you feel welcome.  Please check out Don and Betty’s memorabilia, have a drink, eat some peanuts and pretzels, have another drink.  Most importantly,  Meet your friends and have fun! Just like Betty. Welcome to Betty’s Room.

Come see us for a good time!