Booking Email Shay Roth
Email here for booking requests  General Manager

Booking Guidelines

Please email our booker a short solicitation with the name of your act in the subject heading. Be sure to include the date/potential dates you are hoping to play, your contact info (name, telephone, email, website) and anything we should know about your band.

Please DO NOT send any mp3′s or file attachments in the email. Please DO send a link to website or page where we can stream your music., Facebook and are free options if you need a website to set up streaming.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive for booking, we only respond to emails when we think something might work. Please feel free to follow up with another email a few weeks later, but we can’t promise a response to all emails.

Touring Bands: Please include the date/potential dates you are looking to play.

Please Take Note: The Sunset will take a very very very long time to open, view, listen to and file unsolicited demo packages… We strongly prefer email with no atachments when scheduling the entertainment.

Please Also Take Note: we book 2-3 months in advance. Weekends are booked even further in advance. We appreciate local bands who are willing to play Sunday through Thursday and make the most of it. The Sunset always tries to book local artists that have great shows on weeknights as openers on weekend shows.

Once Your Show Is Booked:

Load in at 7:00pm (Sunday – Tuesday) and 8:00pm (Wednesday – Saturday) through the back alley entrance of the club. Please check in with the bartender or sound engineer before you load in. They will give you instructions and open the back door. The first scheduled band of the night can load their equipment directly onto the stage. The middle and last bands will be instructed to stage their equipment in our green room. All bands will get a line-check before their set. Early load in and soundcheck may be available upon request. Please check with our booker at least 2 weeks in advance if an early soundcheck is needed.

Show times will start at 8:00pm (Sunday – Tuesday) and 9:00pm (Wednesday – Saturday)  *unless otherwise noted.* The first line check will start a half hour before the show starts. Typically, set times during the week are 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 and 9, 10 and 11 on the weekends. We ask that the first and second bands play 30 to 40 minute sets. The headliner can play a little longer if desired, but should really keep it between 45 to 60 minutes unless you’re Guided By Voices, Mudhoney, Pavement or The Who.

Send posters/promo-materials to:

The Sunset
Attn: Shay Roth
5433 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle WA 98107

Update your website and all social networking sites. We encourage you to send emails and post bulletins to promote your show. Let the local radio stations and newspapers know and don’t forget… TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!

Make a poster, bring some to the club, and distribute the posters around Seatte. The sooner they’re up, the better the show! Also, email a small size jpeg of the poster to Shay for our website and social network pages.

We also request that confirmed bands not play anywhere else in Seattle within 10 days before or after the scheduled date (2 weeks for touring bands). This will only increase the anticipation for your show at The Sunset and make ours that much better… we promise! Please let us know if you are hoping to book another Seattle show in that time frame as we can make exceptions in certain circumstances.

Please do not send packages to The Sunset that require a signature for delivery (UPS, FED-EX, USPS Certifed etc.).The bar is not open during normal delivery hours.

Room/Sound/Stage/Production Specs:

Capacity: 200

Stage measurements: approximately 14 feet x 16 feet, at an arc.

Backstage: Our world famous Dragon Room with room for equipment and seats for you and your entourage. Locking storage room available by request.

Parking: Street parking only. Please let us know in advance if you have a larger vehicle or a van with a trailer.

Sound system: Full PA with 32 Inputs, 4 moniter mixes (full band EQs on all sends and FOH), ample selection of mics, stands and DI’s, 6 compressor, 4 gates, delay and reverb.

Engineers: We have the best, and friendliest sound-people in town! If you choose to bring your own sound-engineer, they will be supervised by one of ours.

DJ set-up: 2 turntables, mixer, dual CD player.

AV set-up: Drop-screen in front of stage, video projector, VHS and DVD player.