Booking Info.


All booking emails should be sent to:


Please email our booker a short solicitation with the name of your act in the subject heading. Be sure your email includes these 4 crucial details:

  1. A link to your music
  2. A date range you’re hoping to play
  3. Names of any other bands you have lined up to share the bill
  4. How many folks you think you’ll be able to get out for a weekday or weekend show (whichever you’re targeting)

Definitely let us know if there are additional details about your show (album release, birthday party, benefit show, etc) that might help turnout by promoting it as a special event.

For mid-week (Sunday – Thursday) shows, we are generally hoping to have at least 50 or so attendees. For weekends (Friday and Saturday), we’re generally shooting to have at least 125-150 ticket buyers over the course of the show (sellout is 200). These aren’t necessarily hard and fast rules, but consider these general targets our booking team is trying to hit when asking about potential dates or building potential bills.

Please DO NOT send any mp3′s or file attachments in your booking request email. Please DO send a link to a website or page where we can stream your music (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, or any others! We’re not picky!). Also, DO NOT mail unsolicited demo packages. They often get lost in the shuffle, and honestly, it’s just not a good use of your money. You’ll have much better luck getting our attention by sending us an email with the info outlined above!

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive for booking, we can’t promise a response to all emails. If you’ve dropped us a line and haven’t heard back, please feel free to follow up with another email a few weeks later. Absolutely DO NOT call the Sunset to attempt to book a show. The people answering that number are not involved in booking, so stick to emailing us instead.

Tips for Touring Bands: Please include the date/potential dates you are looking to play. Include detailed information about your history playing in Seattle (including turnout for previous shows, bands you played with, etc), and let us know if you have any Seattle locals interested in joining you for your next show.

Please Take Note: we typically book 2-3 months in advance. Weekends are often booked even further out than that (during busy touring season in March and October, sometimes 4 – 6 months out). We love working with new local artists, so even if you’re a new/smaller local band, we’re definitely down to work with you on a Sunday through Thursday show and make it the best it can be.

Come see us for a good time!